Hi! I was born and lived most of my life in Kirov, Russia. I have been living in Vilnius, Lithuania for 11 years now. I am a graphic designer and a commercial illustrator. In my spare time, I paint. My goal is to unite the real and the abstract, balancing on the border between the two. The choice of technique, acrylic and pallet knives, is conditioned by the desire to convey succinctly what I see, to simplify and find a new reading of it. This desire is cultivated from a vast experience in design and advertising illustration, where the simplicity of form is the main thing.
   One of the base components in my approach to painting is the search for color. I recollect the color, taking into account its place of action in the composition, trying to use it concisely and avoiding the overuse of color shades.
   I use acrylic, it makes me paint quickly and gives me freedom in technique. At the start it works like watercolor, at the second stage, I use pallet knives with its rigor, density, and clarity of lines.

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